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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Observed In National Capital Of India With Fasts And Prayers

Good Friday is observed in the capital city of India with prayers and fasts. The day of Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Christians starts their day with fasting offers prayers by visiting churches across the city. Few Christian people also carry out fasting for nearly 40 days ahead of Good Friday for maintaining the tradition in the season of Lent.
The spokesperson of the Delhi Catholic Church, Father Dominic Emmanuel told IANS that Good Friday marks the death of Jesus Christ on the cross for the salvation of human race and that he is the perfect example of humanity in spite of being a God.
Wendy Rozario who is the senior manager with a sports marketing company said that the day is important as it signifies the sacrifice made by the lord Jesus Christ. He told IANS that people sacrifice something of their choice for 40 days before Good Friday and on this day they fast for the whole day and break the fast only after attending the evening mass.
Some other noted personalities said that people attend the mass where Christ journey is recreated. They also said that people go to the church and remember the complete trial of Jesus and his crucifixion on this day.
On Sunday the whole community will celebrate the rebirth of Christ on Easter.



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