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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Robotic Suit Designed To Lift Up To 220 Pounds

An Italian engineering company, Percro has developed a robotic body extender that could help disaster workers clear debris easily or have usage in war zones.

News sources in Washington say that the extender allows one to lift weight up to 220 pounds. 110 pounds with each hand could be lifted by the one who wears it. It also has 22 different points of movement.

The company said that it's the most sophisticated wearable robot developed till date. An official from the company said that it can track the complex movements of the human body and can also to increase the force of the user.

The report also mentioned the presence of robotic suits in the past developed by different companies like NASA's X1 Robotic Exoskeleton, Cyberdyne's Hybrid Assisted Limb (HAL) power suit from Japan, James Dyson’s award-winning design Titan Arm and 3D Systems and Ekso Bionics' 3D-print a bionic suit.



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