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Monday, March 31, 2014

Legend Review: Cliched! But Thorough Entertainer!

March 31 (TotalFilmy)

The director Boyapati Srinu’s Legend has been released today worldwide. Nandamuri Balakrishna is back to the big screen after two years with Legend. He has again teamed up with the director who had given him a big break with Blockbuster film Simha.

Though the film has nothing new to offer but there is something special about Nandamuri’s performance and rich punchy dialogues that pepper the turf of Legend.

Strong elements of Legend

What elements are stitched into the fabric of Legend? To start with the fact that the film is a mass entertainer, we would say Boyapati Srinu's riveting narration and punchy dialogues are its greatest asset. Further Brahmanandam's comedy timing, Hamsa Nandini's item dance, Devi Sri Prasad's soothing music and meldious background score, Ram Prasad's beautiful cinematography, Ram Laxman's action choreography, dance sequences and amazing locations add to the fabric’s design.

Legend is a combination of romance and entertainment. It is a perfect amalgamation of action, romance, comedy, family drama, music and much more.

Biggest plus point of the film is Nandamuri’s easy going acting that keeps the audience glued to the screen till the end. Actor’s fans will surely love the film! Not only Nandamuri, even Radhika Apte is the pleasing part of the film and her performance stands out. Sonal Chauhan pours glamour into the flick. For entertainment, its punchy dialogues stay constant throughout the film but they dominate in the first half.

Another aspect that keeps Legend smooth till the end is its fast pace which begins with the entry of the actor in a chase sequence in Dubai.

The music is soothing and does not divert the audience from the storyline. The songs fit in the script quite comfortably.


The film opens with the entry of villain Jitendra, role essayed by Jagapathi Babu. Then the story moves to Dubai, where the character of Balakrishna enters with SUV chase scene in a desert.
Both emotional and politically triggered dialogues, and the action between Balakrishna and Jagapathi Babu keeps the audience fixed to the screen. As already mentioned the film is predictable to a great degree but the dialogues and individual performances of actors is its greatest asset.

In the film, Krishna (Balakrishna) is an NRI, who cannot endure injustice against anyone. And this is a concept that the audience has seen again and again. It has become a clich├ęd story in any language films these days. But as already said its dialogues are its savior!

His lady love is Sneha (Sonal Chauhan). The couple comes to India to seek his grandmother's blessings for marriage. But then here he confronts Jeethendra (Jagapathi Babu) where he saves people in his native land. Jeethendra is at loggerheads with Krishna's brother Jai Dev (Balakrishna). Rest of the script encapsulates the fight between the two.


The film possesses complete commercial ingredients, which has a great potential of doing great on Box Office. It has a power-packed drama with a good amount of action and emotion. (TotalFilmy.com)



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